Let's Start Your Journey

Get in touch with me today to start setting up your photo session! I offer Dog Photography and Dog Sport Photography in the Toledo, Ohio area, including Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

If you are more comfortable with communicating through Facebook or Instagram, please feel free to message me on either of those platforms and I will get back with you as soon as possible..

You can select more than one. If you prefer Facebook Message or Instagram Message, please send me a DM on either of those platforms.


What type of sessions won't you photograph?

I do not do weddings, engagements, maternity photos, or newborn shoots.

Can my dog still get a photoshoot if they are reactive? What if they need a muzzle?

Yes! I am 100% friendly to reactive and/or muzzled dogs! Please let me know when we are doing a consultation if your dog is aggressive or reactive, and what their triggers are. I would like to help accommodate you and your dog as much as possible to have a fun experience!

I love and support the muzzle movement and have owned reactive dogs myself. I will not judge reactions! I also will not closely approach you or your dog if they are uncomfortable, or attempt to pet them. There will be points in the session I am down low on the dog's level. If I make your dog too uncomfortable I can use my long lens and create more distance between me and the dog. Just be sure to communicate these needs with me.

My only rule is that I will not work with a dog that bites me or a dog that is repeatedly getting loose/is out of control during the session. If I am bit at any point during the session then the session will end.

What should you prepare for a Canine Photoshoot?

When interest is confirmed, we can either do a consultation over private message, email, text, or call. Whichever contact method you are most comfortable with. This consultation will just be my way of getting to know you and your pooch.

I recommend either grooming your dog yourself if you normally do it, or having your dog professionally groomed before their session.

Bring the following;
- 6 ft minimum leash
- Water as needed & a travel bowl
- Poop bags to clean up after your dog
- Their favorite toy or treat, whatever best captures their attention
- & most importantly, fun energy!

Does my dog need to be off leash trained for their photoshoot?

No! Your dog does not have to be off leash trained to book a session and achieve that off leash look. Leashes can be edited out of photos so long as they aren't covering paws or hands.

For Urban location shots, 6 ft leads are recommended that way the handler can step out of frame, but still maintains control over their dog. If your dog has a solid stay, then traffic tabs can be permissible. For wooded locations, parks, fields, etc. long lines are totally recommended!

What won't you edit out?

When you book a session, I can do small touch ups and editing out most leashes, prong collars, and either removing tags, or names from tags.

I will not edit out leashes that are covering hands or paws, harnesses, e collars.

Does my dog need to pose?

No! I am completely comfortable doing candid sessions. I have experience with dogs of different temperaments and energy levels and can still capture your dog's charm!