Hey, I'm Jazmin

Hey, I'm Jazmin! I'm a Toledo, Ohio based Dog Photographer. I specialize in private sessions and dog sport training & event photography. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communication Technology with a focus in Photography.

My first camera was a film camera I was gifted by my grandmother for a film photography class in 2013. I learned how to capture photos on film, and process them myself.

My passion really kicked off in 2016 when I purchased my first DSLR camera for college, a Canon Rebel T6, and began taking pictures of my late dog, Shasta, a Shetland Sheepdog. My camera came on hikes, joined us in the yard, around the house. Quickly I found myself capturing what would become dearly beloved memories for years to come. Throughout my degree, I found any opportunity I could to include my dog in my projects.

In 2018 my camera and I crossed state lines, spending a Summer in Minnesota working as a Media Intern at The Wildcat Sanctuary where I got take photos and videos of the cats, big & small. My senior year of college I got my German Shepherd, Kodiak. He ended up slipped into projects the same way Shasta was.

In early 2020, the Spring semester of my senior year of college, Kodiak, my German Shepherd came home. As he has grown up, so has my photography. Since then I've captured countless memories with him. I've shared them on an Instagram account I run for him over the years, a personal project to let me look back on my dog's life, and improve my craft. Since starting that, we affiliated with MadcoW in Oregon, Kodiak modeling their collars while I take product photography. We got our start in dog sports together through Schutzhund. I was lucky to have a club happy to let me practice on their dogs!

In 2023 I kicked off the year by updating my camera gear, and made the decision to go professional and share my creations with others. Whether it be a portrait session or dog sports, I hope to capture memories that people will cherish for a lifetime. Memories that can be looked back on, shared, and smiled over.